Meet the wild horses of the Chilcotin

The Chilcotin Mountain Range is one of those unsung yet miraculous places where you can still see wild horses (qayus). These glorious, violent and mysterious mustangs are the custodians of the myth. They belong to the race of survivors and today there are around three thousands of them running wild on the high plateaus, filled with an astonishing lust for life.

In the forests where the aspens whisper a mysterious message, you may be lucky enough to see a solitary stallion suddenly appear, proud and quivering with alertness. Unless, when you go round a bend in the track, you come face to face with a large herd peacefully asserting their invincible freedom.

The Teeppee Heart Ranch is an open window to their world.

For the person who has never met wild horses knows nothing about horses. Whether you are a rider or not, if you dream of approaching mustangs as an ethologist or as a poet, it will be an adventure.

It is because in the Chilcotins, the frontier between the untamed and the domesticated is porous. And these horses which are passing through can show us how to cross over it to find a way back to the wild.

On the contrary, some mustangs seem to recall the ancient alliance between horse and man. This is the story of Balios, a young mustang who came into this world on a summer night brightened by the light of a comet, and who came to us at Teeppee Heart Ranch several months later to be shortly followed by his brother Xanthos, then Bibi and finally Shogun. Some beings are just born to be ambassadors.


Balios and Xanthos


We invite you to come and visit this world of wild horses during your stay at the Teeppee