Raising unique equine partners !

From their conception to their departure from our stud farm – and because each and every step is crucial – we bring the greatest attention to the foals. Our intention being to raise genuinely healthy and balanced horses, we select dams and sires that are self confident and sound and always let the breeding occur freely in our pastures, thus respecting both the mares and the studs’ needs. We stay acutely sensitive to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the broodmare throughout the gestation, and monitor from a distance the delivery and first moments of connection between mother and foal.

The foal is then educated among and by the other horses in the herd, getting able to develop its social skills, a wide adaptability and even furthermore: its own identity and equine culture. Human handling comes in naturally and easily following the same learning continuum of trust, mutual respect and exchanges based on caring and cooperation.

Evolving continuously in various landscapes,slopes, mountainside and streams, the foal enhances naturally its strength, its muscles and gets a solid foundation, hence bringing even more forward its already prestigious origins.

The environmental diversity also stimulates the young horse’s senses and reflexion in a natural way, which will give it a sound intelligence when facing various phenomenons (wind, rain, storms… or even wildlife animals). We favor a reasoned and quality feeding to allow the natural growth of the foals, knowing that they benefit from maternal milk until they are 10 to 12 months old (nurturing every aspects of their well-being: nutritive, affective and immunity). Too often an abrupt weaning represents a traumatic event, so we made the choice to let it happen naturally: all of our broodmares are then free to decide at what time to wean off their offspring.

Of course, we do not forget our foals once they leave “the nest” but on the contrary stay fully available for the follow-up – if you wish us to – of this fabulous adventure of adopting a young horse.

To acquire one of our foals is therefore to make the choice of a horse with a prestigious lineage, a balanced and close-to-man temper, and a perfect health (every foal is now certified “panel 5 negative” by filiation), yet it also brings support to a vision and philosophy of breeding that makes respect of the horses and their nature a priority.