Guest cabins in British-Columbia

Welcome to the Teepee Heart Ranch
The Teepee Heart Ranch is an oasis of calm amidst the natural beauty of the Chilcotin hills. In order to get here you may have to cross half the globe then follow the great road towards the Pacific Ocean before finally going along the track which winds its way between the mountains for 84 kilometers, the perfect distance to find yourself far from the maddening crowd and ready to immerse yourself in the wild wild west.

Do you dream about having your own cabin in Canada?

Do you dream of trout fishing, forests teaming with bears and elk and coming across wild horses? And what about evenings spent laughing and talking around a campfire  accompanied by the howling of wolves at dusk and a sky so full of stars that you are left breathless.
We would be very happy to welcome you into one of our cabins and let you discover the everyday life of the ranch and its inhabitants so that you can return to your homes filled with simple, heart-warming and hopefully unforgettable memories of your stay.

That said, having travelled extensively ourselves, we could never encourage you enough to take advantage of your stay to simply enjoy being instead of doing in order to wind down, breathe deeply and feel close to loved ones. Learn to walk to the rhythm of this Native-American earth.

Your stay at the ranch will be in one of our rustic style cabins which are comfortable and typical of the Chilcotin hills. They each have between two and four rooms (the smallest of them was long the refuge of the famous North American writer Paul St-Pierre) with a wood-burning stove, a living area and a small terrace where you can just enjoy the view of the ranch with a drink and a good book. That said, you may well be taunted by squirrels and the high summits of the Canadian mountains.

There will also be the “Washroom” at your disposition where you can have a shower. There are also restrooms and a clubhouse. Finally, the authentic cabin of the founder of the ranch, Duane Witte, is now equipped as an independent kitchen.

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect retreat for wildlife photographers, bird watchers, hikers, people who want to meditate, adventurers, all kinds of artists, horse lovers and people who are drawn to the wide-open spaces of the far north. It’s the perfect escape for people who are crazy about life.

Prices for the season 2023 (taxes not included) :

Cabin Paul St-Pierre (2 pers.) : 95 CAD/night and 570 CAD/week

Middle Cabin (4 pers. , 2 bedrooms) : 190 CAD/night and 1140 CAD/week

Old Teepee Heart Cabin ( 4 pers. , 1 room) : 190 CAD/night and 1140 CAD/week

We are open from June 1st to September 30th.

Means of payment: we ask you for 30% of the total amount when you make your reservation and the remaining amount one month before the date of arrival by bank transfer and for a minimum of two nights.

No WIFI on the ranch, the connection with Nature will be better.

ACCESS (Please don’t hesitate to ask us for help with organizing your trip.):

Arrival at Vancouver International Airport (or Calgary for a road-trip across Jasper and Banff). From there, you have the choice: an eight-hour road trip or a one-hour flight from the Vancouver domestic flight terminal to Williams Lake airport via the airline Central Mountain Air or Pacific Coastal Airlines or you ca n take the ferry with the line Vancouver Island – Bella Coola. From there you can either rent a car. It’s a two-hour road trip to the ranch from Make Williams along the Farwell Canyon weather conditions permitting.

We are greatly looking forward to meeting you!

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