Black rabicano stallion aqha/apha by Lazy Loper



AQHA Top 5 Leading Sire, AQHA World Champion Junior Western Pleasure, Reserve Congress Champion 3 YO Open & Ltd Western Pleasure, Superior Western Pleasure

Dam: KM Sign Me Up

By RL Best of Sudden and out of Good Vital Signs. Good Vital Signs is a full sister to VITAL SIGNS ARE GOOD and has produced over $9,600, Tom Powers Reserve Champion and multiple Congress Top 5/10s.

2019 AQHA/APHA black rabicano stallion. 6-Panel N/N. Ee aa. Currently : h

From Genetics to Epigenetics

The Western Pleasure event originated from the need to travel long distances comfortably without any input from the rider and during this time the horse remains receptive and therefore vigilant. Thanks to this kind of horse, riders looking can be guaranteed a calm and agreeable experience when riding.

Moreover, if these horses are allowed to live in a natural setting they will also develop and transmit sure-footedness, agility, strong legs, a harmonious and efficient musculature and it will bring out their beautiful rustic nature, their superior intelligence and overall mental equilibrium. Thus, these characteristics will bring back to life all of the qualities of the true ranch horse (versatility, a natural bearing and beauty and the ability to work outdoors which correspond exactly to the characteristics that people are for in sporting disciplines such as the Pleasure Ranch).

It is therefore these characteristics of natural elegance, serenity, expressivity and sturdiness that our black and light stallion will transmit to his offspring.

OPEN YOUR HEART, first of his name

However, before all else, Open Your Heart is the unique story of a black stallion whose prestigious origins destined him to find himself on the upper Chilcotin Plateau, the land of the mustangs with whom he grew up and became the fully formed stallion he is today. He was named, Open Your Heart, after the original, long-forgotten name of our ranch and it is close to our hearts.

Life in the herd has allowed him to express the full wealth of his personality and has given him the physical, mental and emotional exercise which he needs to remain well-balanced and healthy and respectful of the mares and us.

He is particularly sociable and robust with a mild and calming temperament, and he has gradually revealed his charismatic and winning ways through his nobility tinged with humour.

Today, this King of the North knows the wolf’s song and the hardships of the Canadian winter, the whisper of the wind in the spruce trees and the Northern Lights, the warmth of a heart which has finally blossomed. The blood of his foals will be infused with this poem, and they will be a celebration of the harshness, intensity and beauty of existence.

The way of the black horse

Why a black stallion? It is that, little by little, the black horse proved to be a guide. In a way, it manifests a quest, if the word is not too big. A Breath would be more just. The breath of mystery and wonder.

The first of them was a wild horse in the mountains of Greece overlooking Delphi, almost an apparition. From then on I had chosen my side, that of the gods, princes and beasts. The first-born of Midsummer Night’s Dream was also a son of Apollo, a foal of black clay. We were on the Way.

From now on, it will be Open Your Heart’s turn to incarnate the Midsummer Night’s Dream, this dream of ours which invites you to live in a world of poets and horse riders.