The king of Midsummer Night's Dream

Open Your Heart
Prestigious black quarter-horse stallion by Lazy Loper 

Stallion is a word which conjures up images of flared nostrils, wild eyes and hooves impatiently stamping on the ground making clouds of dust! The stallion symbolises energy, power and rebelliousness! Its beauty inspires respect!

However, if you have ever seen a stallion gently nuzzling a mare or patiently nudging away a mischievous foal you will see a picture of gentleness and kindness.

As with all our horses, our stallions live outside all year long and they live in groups whether it be with mares or only with other stallions (both groupings occur naturally).

They can therefore behave expressing all the depth and wealth of their personalities. This way of life also allows them to get all the physical, mental and emotional exercise they need to stay healthy and well-balanced which means they are respectful towards the mares and to people.

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